A Christmas tree is not just a Christmas tree

The land around Bjergeskovgård creates a nutritious environment for the trees. The soil is very sandy, causing them to grow slow and the water is warmer, preventing from frost. I source my samplings from Ambrolauri in Caucasus Mountains Georgia. This sort grows slowly, and therefore fits perfectly into the Danish climate.

Our work follows the season, as we plant the trees at spring, nurse and care during summer/wither and cut in the fall. Christmas trees has to be nursed carefully, to get the right shape and to look nice from bottom to the top. We care deeply for our trees throughout the whole process, from planting to shipping. We prevent the trees from losing needles, wrap and pack carefully, before they get loaded into containers and send to the harbor for shipping.

We ship our Christmas trees and Christmas decoration wholesale to many different countries. Christmas trees from Bjergeskovgård is healthy quality trees in varied sizes from 1-3 meters.